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Product Lines
Product Lines
I've worked with Jason/First Logistex on literally hundreds of battery replacement projects over the years. Projects have run the gamut from small VRLA to multi-string flooded battery work. We've done projects in critical high rise buildings and remote locations. First Logistex is always prepared to get the job done right.”
MK Battery
We use only the best products in the business

First Logistex, Inc. can supply you with everything you need for your back-up power supply system. As part of our turn-key service, we receive all materials in our warehouses and deliver and install them at your facility. Please call 719-683-8601 or toll free 877-LOGISTEX (877-564-4783) for a quote to fit your system.

  • Batteries:
    We can provide UPS and Telecom batteries, Sealed VRLA, Flooded Lead Acid (Wet Cell), Solar, and Gel batteries from most manufacturers including Deka, MK Battery, C&D, Exide, Liebert, Enersys, Unigy, and Power Batteries.
  • UPS Systems:
    We can provide equipment from Powerware, Liebert, APC MGE, Mitsubishi, Chloride, Toshiba, GE and other manufacturers.
  • Battery Monitoring Systems:
    We are certified Cellwatch installers. We can install and re-install any battery monitoring system as needed.
  • Racking and Support Materials:
    We can provide all of the racking and materials needed for your system.